About Me

Hi! My name is Arrielle and I am so excited to start this journey with you!

I have been practicing yoga on and off all my life. In my earlier years learning and perfecting yoga poses to maintain flexibility was something I always wanted- I secretly wanted to be a gymnast.

After watching an episode of SpongeBob I learned meditation without even knowing it. It was one of the first episodes where SpongeBob invades people dreams and when he comes to Patrick’s, all he is doing a riding a coin operated horse. His mind was blank besides this horse and after seeing that I learned to focus on just the background. Therefore I do not dream- even to this day. Childhood trauma often plagued my mind when I would lay down for sleep, so mediation was my saving grace. ​

I have been practicing healing and self-love as far back as I can remember. My teenage years were especially hard due to being an empath and overcoming life mentally. I have a history of depression, I have been anorexic and indulged in self harm. I had to overcome all of these as my family was homeless and I had to help make ends meet.

All of these experiences played a key role in being open to not only who I was but also how to listen and be there for other people. I have always had a deep want for helping people and being a Virgo is where all that power came from. I know all too well the power of the mind and how easily it can try to betray you. All of this and more is what has prepared me for this path to not only help heal but hold space for you. ​

We all suffer and must overcome labels that may overburden us no matter how much we love them. Motherhood, wife, therapist, cheerleader, cook etc. It is my goal to help you love yourself and gain a greater love for others. In doing this not only can we uplift each other, we can break generational curses and boundaries for future generations. ​

I do this to grow love for each other and for our future generations. ​

We offer private and group classes. Online or in person. We are suited to help fit into your schedule and follow all CDC guidelines!